Sweety Anime lenses

SK version HERE

This “article” will be about real photos of lenses from brand “Sweety Anime”, bought on www.uniqso.com

I tried only 3 colors, but they are 8 or 9 together (9th color is new – black)

source of photo : Mandy Kodama
source of photo : uniqso.com

As first I tried Sweety Anime Blue. I used them for 3 characters. Why I choose this type of lenses ? because I liked their design and high color coverage of my brown eyes. On photos is me – Susy cosplay/ @susynqa8

Another color was Sweety Anime Turquoise

and another color was Sweety Anime Violet.

This video is from www.uniqso.com, where you can see all these lenses on blue eyes.

You can buy lenses here:

/ blue / turquoise / violet / yellow / Orange / red / pink / grey / black /

You can use my discount code SUSYNQA8 for 10% discount from uniqso.com

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