Su Mucheng wig review from Rolecosplay (ENG)

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Hi ! this is my first review. Its wig from for character Su Mucheng from chinese anime Quan Zhi Gao Shou in english The King’s Avatar .

Video is at the end of this text and photos, keep scrolling !

You can buy it on two sites via this links

First impresion of wig was really good. Wig is nice, right length (80 cm) , thick fibers, color is little more golden for my opinion but not so far from original. Its good for this character. Version is from anime not from novel (there she have brown hair) .

You must cut the bangs for your face, wig has come with full long bangs. Its not bad, but for me it will be better with little more styled bangs too. What is little styled is her mini ponytail. Wig is really thick, with many fibers, wig net is not visible. Its soft and silky, easy to comb.

Quality – Im really satisfed with this wig when I look at it globally.

Thickness – Im not demanding but for me is this thickness great.

Color – As I said, I think is more gold than orange but as you see, for character is ok.

Hairline – I more like realisticaly hairline.

Styling – For people like me, who dont know how to style bangs its little challenge.

Price – is worth for this wig, but everyone wants things cheaper

Shipping – is fast, depends on your choise

Packing – in nice brand package with underwig net for free.

Bored from letters and photos ? check video !

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