Miu from Blend-S, wig & costume review from Rolecosplay (ENG)

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Hi ! Welcome to my second review. Today I tell you something about costume of Miu from Blend-S. Costume with wig are bought on Rolecosplay.com

I have this costume now for a longer time and I had it at one convention and two photoshoots. Its not brand new, then there isnt unboxing !

Link to video is under the text and photos ! keep scrolling

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I ordered costume for two times. First time I recieved high quality fabric dress and accessories, but dress was dark purple. I didnt like it, then I ordered second time, when they changed costume for this light purple, which is right color for character.

This is size L – asian. ( At the time, when Im ordered it, they have only S/M/L, now they have XL and XXL too). If they had these options even then, I would order a larger number. I normaly wear M/L (38/40) european size. But I have bigger breasts, then most of costumes are little tight for me. Im 160 cm in height, but dress could be little longer too. All the time Im afraid, that my butt is saying hello to others : D

I always wearing under skirt short pettit skirt but for more puffy effect, its not for hiding butt because its short too

Costume is well sewn, but quality of fabric is little worse ( that classic fabric for cheap costumes but little thicker)

Accessories are usable, but I switched it for photoshoots with accessories from first order.

Headkerchief is thin cloth with clips, apron is for dry zip, ribbon is for safety pin, gloves are little weird with some plastic thing around hand. Over knee socks Im using from second order, its classic (little invisible) thights.

In video and this printscreen photo are all accessories from second order, but on my profesional photos in cosplay are accessories from first order (except for over knee socks, they are from second order . In the end of video, Im showing you these too.

First impresion of wig was mixed. I liked color and thickness, but wig was not originally styled for ponytails. I expected some hairline on back of the wig. If you dont know how to style it, wig net is visible. Im little noob in this, then its not good looking.

Wig have good wig cap, its silky but not shiny, easy to comb. Lenght is good too – 50 cm.

Bangs are originaly long, you must cut it for your face.

Photos of wig without styling –

Summary :

I recommend this costume and wig, but it needs some changes, costume is worth of price, wig could be little cheaper.

Why I choose this character for cosplay ?

Because I love that anime. First I was thinking about Kaho (because the most of my characters are blond tsundere types) but I wanted a change in hair color and personality for cosplay. Purple color is my favorite, I love maids, and many others things (wears glasses, fujoshi, she likes yuri too, and my behavior its close to her too. )

In slovak/czech cosplay comunity, Im the only one Miu at the moment.

Bored from letters and photos ? check video !

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